Infinity Best Dongle


Thiết bị hổ trợ Nokia tốt nhất & duy nhất hiện nay

  • Hổ trợ các model Nokia MTK
  • Hổ trợ các model Smartphone Android mới nhất
  • Giao diện đơn giản & dễ sử dụng
  • Support load firmware cực nhanh & đủ mọi file cần thiết.
  • Sử dụng mãi mãi,không cần phải active hàng năm.


Mô tả

How to register Infinity [BEST]:
1. Install latest [BEST] software version
2. Disable your PC Antivirus/Firewall or give enough access for BEST.exe !
3. Run [BEST] software
4. Enter your ID and e-mail address
5. Check your MAILBOX, you will get license_best.xxxxxxxx.dat file to your e-mail address
6. If you did not received e-mail during 10 minutes after request please check your mailbox SPAM/JUNK folder.
Please enter your registration data and e-mail very carefully !
If you will make more than 2 tries with wrong data – server allow next request only in 24 hours.
If you will see a message like contact to support to validate e-mail address please send an e-mail to ios [at] for validation.
If you want to install [BEST] to another PC you DO NOT need to get new license !
You can use the same license file from your mailbox for all your PC !

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