XTC 2 Clip


Thiết bị chuyên dụng dành cho HTC

  • Unlock subsidy lock
  • Relock phones
  • Change CID, including super-CID
  • Repair IMEI /IMEI2 (for Dual SIM phones)
  • Repair MEID / Repair MEID2 (for Dual SIM phones)
  • Manage security flag (S-ON, S-OFF)
  • Downgrade / upgrade firmware
  • Support for legacy phones (gold-card analog)
  • Direct bootloader unlock (no need to register on HTC website)
  • Full access to support area with all flash files for all HTC phone models
  • Remove factory reset protection (FRP)
  • Bootloader unlock without data erase (download mode phones)
  • Bootloader LOCK without data erase (download mode phones) – Save warranty!
  • Disable hands-free activation (Sprint phones – M9, A9, Desire 626)
  • Sprint phones unlock / MSL (SPC) code database access
  • Japanese phones support (HTV31, HTL23, HTX21, HTL22, ISW13HT, HTL21, etc.)
  • Complete access to support area with all flash files for all HTC models

Hết hàng

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Mô tả

Quick start:

* !!! ALL GUIDES / FAQs / HOW-TOs here !!!
* QUICK START and all-in-one knowledge thread

Help with XTC 2 Clip:

* IMPORTANT: Activation / No email code / Upgrade error or problem HERE
* !!! About error: NOT_FIND_SMART_IO read here!!!
* Clip problems – READ FIRST, Click for support

Help with PowerAdapter:

* Introducing XTC 2 Clip PowerAdapter – your HTC must-have for 2017!
* XTC 2 PowerAdapter – How to use (manual)
* How to use XTC 2 PowerAdapter VIDEO GUIDE

Guides / FAQs about working with phones:

* HTC 10 / U11 SD NOT MOUNTED solution HERE please
* HTC 10 S-OFF instructions
* M9 “no download mode” solution by XTC 2 Clip
* HTC U Ultra / U Play S-OFF instructions
* Sprint conversion FAQ
* GUIDE: Desire 530, HTC 10, HTC Evo, HTC Bolt S-OFF instructions
* Flashing: too many links / error device halted (SD) / project does not have sa key
* Htc one m9 sprint (hima) is discussed only!!!!!helppp [SOLVED] – M9 answer call only after 3 seconds


* Download server mirror – BETA

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